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Canoe & sup

We rent out 4 kayaks for one person and 2 large canoes for 2 people. This summer we are also renting out sups, for that little bit of extra challenge.

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Vamabadets Café

This year in high season, we will start for the first time with the Våmåbadets Café. You can enjoy a small snack and a drink on a cozy terrace overlooking the lake.

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Morning bakery

Enjoy the most delicious fresh bread rolls with your breakfast every morning! Order the bread rolls and croissants the day before and you can pick them up at our kiosk the next morning.

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Summer in Dalarna

In the summer Dalarna is in bloom and the Swedish outdoors is celebrated. Take a refreshing dip in Orsjasjön, located directly at the campsite, or in one of the many other lakes and rivers that make Dalarna so beautiful. Enjoy the wonderfully long summer evenings, the many beautiful hiking trails in the area, a day on the bike, or one of the many other activities in the summer.

Winter in Dalarna

Winter Wonderland in Dalarna. In winter Dalarna transforms into a true winter paradise with plenty of snow joy. From skiing, boarding and cross-country skiing at the Grönklitt winter sports area, which is about a 15-minute drive from the campsite, to ice skating at nearby Orsjasjön. Or how about a winter BBQ, a sauna with a refreshing dip in the ice water, a sleigh ride with huskies, or a day out with the snowmobile?